Mystery Shopping for Housing Industry

In a lot of buildings tenants encounter a staffed lobby managing amenity areas throughout the building. Contrary to hotels or retail organisations, not all buildings have  an on-site management level present all the time. So, how do you know that all your standards are used in customer interactions?

A mystery shop will assist landlords to evaluate how well the standards are executed and how the site team interacts with tenants and prospect tenants. An audit will get you a measurable and actionable plan to improve services where and when needed whilst having the customer experience front and centre. Here are the top 10 reasons for your audit:

1. Increase your Efficiency

2. Helps you to get feedback from the customer’s perspective

3. Gives you feedback about team performance

4. Monitors facility conditions as perceived by the customer

5. Tests the functionality of internal procedures and SOPs

6. Serves as a motivational tool for your employees

7. Makes your employees aware of what is important in serving customers

8. Benchmark within the organisation or with competitors

9. Identifying training needs

10. Improved Tenant Retention

Our mystery shopping service allows you to understand real interactions between your business and customers.  We will measure and asses from first interaction with a building through to follow up post tour. Our shopping experience gives you access:

  • Network of vetted Mystery Shoppers
  • Post Shop audit and report that has been assessed against a 100-point checklist
  • Consultancy and Support to help you solve problems and seize opportunity
  • Market insights and measurements against industry benchmarking

If you like to learn more about our bespoke audits, please contact us via