MORICON Consultants is a proud participant in a strategic network of industry-leading real estate practices with a track record, aligned to get one goal achieved: the very best results for their clients!

MORICON is Partner industry-leading real estate practices: operators in residential management, brand marketing, advertising, mystery shopping, interior architecture and public relations and

Gryphon Partnership

Gryphon is an entirely new proposition.
A group of seven industry leading practices immersed in the property and hospitality sectors, collaborating to give clients seamless and best in class services across every element, from design to marketing to sales and operations. We believe in saying no to normal as bland is bad for business.

ResiSettle – a brand new payment platform aimed at your residents


ResiSettle is a concierge-moderated order platform, bringing tenants and select local businesses together. In short, ResiSettle can bring the offerings of the local high street businesses surrounding a specific development to your doorstep – or further.

MORICON Secret Shoppers – Standards Audits for the Housing Market


A regular audit process provides a measurable and actionable data platform to improve services where and when needed. A mystery shopping audit helps owner/operators and developers identify any reasons for failures in leasing or rent conversions and potential reasons for missing operational targets. MORICON Secret Shoppers is part of the leading real estate practice MORICON Consultants.

Bold & Reeves clients are owners of luxury properties in and around London, but who often live overseas. Like many high net worth people they are time-poor and cost-conscious, and vulnerable to exploitation from their supplier network.

Our team of experienced property managers helps to mitigate these risks, by working with our curated partner network to minimise our clients’ exposure, and consistently reduce the total cost of luxury property ownership as they do so.