Build to rent insider interview

Build to rent insider interview series “Five Minutes With” from Bold & Reeves, asks Sebastian Moritz, Founder and Director at Moricon about his views on the industry and current and future projects. As the heat builds up, we take a break to listen to Sebastian Moritz and learn more about his journey within property development. […]

Hospitality Award

Lux Life Hospitality Awards 2021 for “Best Residential Project Mobilisation Specialists UK” for MORICON Consultants. . MORICON Consultants is very excited and grateful for the nomination and receipt of the Best Residential Project Mobilisation Specialists – UK category in this year’s Lux Review, based on independent research and client testimonials Moricon Consultants is aLondon-based consultancy,specialising […]

MORICON hosts UKAA webinar: Customer retention through technology

London, 29th June 2021 There is a large offering of technology assisting landlords, agents and asset managers with the back-end of managing units. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of products on the market aimed at the tenants during their residence. This webinar looks behind the scenes to establish, if currently used “prop tech” […]

Why Mystery Shopping adds value in Build to Rent

What is Mystery Shopping? According to the Collins dictionary, a mystery shopper  …”is  someone hired to pose as a customer and report on the quality of service received and how well a store or chain of stores is being run. The person poses as a normal customer and is given a specific task, such as purchasing a particular product or asking certain questions.” Brand loyalty […]

The Effect of COVID-19 and Is the BTR model sustainable?

In this last instalment of the series, Sebastian Moritz – Director of MORICON, will look at the impact COVID-19 had on the industry. What are the effects for tenants, property owners and investors and what are possible solutions. Closing this article, he looks at the sustainability of the BTR model, the financial considerations and processes. […]

The Affordability Question in BTR

In this third article, Sebastian Moritz – Director of MORICON, will highlight issues around the affordability in BRT, look at its definition, causes for the undersupply of units and how to create more affordable housing and highlights possible solutions. MORICON Consultants shares thoughts on the Build to Rent market in the UK over a series […]

Barriers to Completion and Profitability

Views on the current situation of BTR market and its influencers in 5 articles (2 of 5) MORICON Consultants shares thoughts on the Build to Rent market in the UK over a series of 5 short articles. The topic was part of the IRPM Build to Rent Level 4 course assignment and reflects only the […]

Meeting Rental Demand in the UK

Views on the current situation of the BTR market and its influencers in 5 articles (1 of 5) In this first article, Sebastian Moritz – Director of MORICON, will look at ways on how the rental demand in the UK can be met, what causes the undersupply and highlights possible solutions. MORICON Consultants shares thoughts […]

Make the “unknown” known – why early Service Charge budgeting matters

In my consultancy I often see a repeating challenge for sales teams, the known “unknown” of annual service charges. As a result, unsubstantiated figures create a lot of hassle in all project stages and few realise that the solution can be  straightforward. What is meant to  support  the early sales effort does not have the […]

Residential Business Continuity Planning: The Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly

What is BCP? Residential Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is commonly defined as “…the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company”. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during execution of disaster recovery. BCP is a subset of risk-management and deals […]

How to manage your company’s HomeViews Scores

Like buying a car, buying or renting a home/apartment is one of the most expensive and far-reaching decisions you will make. Until now, there was a massive imbalance when buyers went about their decision – the car industry honed over decades a myriad of ways to inform about models, makes, performance and other metrics and […]

4th Annual RealService / GRESB Customer Experience Seminar

The Annual Seminar focused on the ROI of customer experience in the Real Estate industry – how to measure and what the impact is on your clients level of satisfaction with your services… Are you ready to ROX? RealService launches customer experience measurement challenge

Plan Reviews: Securing operational feasibility for service excellence

The following examples highlight the changes in a design at planning stage where correction of the existing plans will have a sustainable impact on the service delivery after the handover. Most of the changes are easily done when they are initiated in the planning phase. Any later changes of course result in high capital expenditure […]

Challenges and opportunities for developing luxury hotel residences

Following article was published in the Q3 edition of the International Luxury Hotel Association highlighting the challenges and opportunities for hotel operators entering the residential sector. The challenges and opportunities developing luxury residences for independent hotels This article focuses on some of the challenges and opportunities independent hoteliers face when contemplating the addition of residences […]

Expert in UKAA Roundtable: Building a Workforce for Generation Rent

On Wednesday 15th May, 2019, industry experts and opinion-forming panellists from across the Build to Rent (BTR) sector attended the inaugural ‘UKAA Roundtable: Building a Workforce for Generation Rent’ event. Discussion points were: • With completed build to rent units set to more than quadruple nationally over the next few years, how can we ensure […]

When should the state expropriate? New approach in Berlin?

Recently an article was posted on German News site Tagesschau regarding the housing crisis in Berlin. The findings resonated with me and I thought it would be interesting to share the key elements of it. All around the world housing is in high demand and a lot of municipalities and communities declared a housing crisis. […]

MORICON adds value to your development

How  MORICON adds value to your development is through a combination of hospitality and real estate centred activities with the service culture of your future project at heart. MORICON –founded by Sebastian Moritz -is a London-based consultancy specialised in setting up bespoke hospitality and service structures during the pre-opening phase of your project. MORICON liaises […]

How your Mission and Vision creates value for Developers

Creating a ‘Compass’ to Guide Developers Up Front Pays Huge Dividends   Moricon Consultants specialises in the creation of hospitality and site-services for luxury developments in their pre-opening and development phase. Founder and MD Sebastian Moritz gained his (unusual) expertise in luxury and lifestyle property service delivery in the pre-opening and management of, amongst others, […]